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15 MORE Recce SQUAD officers RESIGN from Police Force to PROTECT Raila Odinga

15 more Recce Squad police officers who were assigned to protect The Rt Hon Raila Odinga during the campaign periods but were withdrawn under unclear circumstances. Have tendered their resignation from the Police Force to continue giving sanctuary to Raila as ordinary citizens.

The acting Minister for Interior Security Mr Matiang’i the police don’t have to give any explanation on the withdrawal of the security guards from the opposition leaders.

“The opposition leaders were over protected and that they keep on loitering with the guards from one hotel to another and to call for mass action. We will reassign the officers to serve other places of necessity” – said Matiang’i

This comes in the wake of high political temperature in the country as date for the presidential fresh election is edging closer.

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Those men you see escorting Raila’s black/white/maroon V8 are bad news, carrying very very lethal piece of metals that if you try anything funny …..I mean…anything funny…trust me even Satan who gave you a call will be surprised at the supersonic speed you arrived in hell.

That car itself is thoroughly armoured, and Baba himself is protected by among others ….let me no say this one, its too sensitive.

Now if you shoot that car, it can withstand rapid fire from here to Kisumu and back and can also run on a flat tire up to Dar in Tanzania.

That car is intelligent, it is clever…it detects bumps, darkness and potholes then auto adjusts its ground clearance. It has a panic button, it even detect haters when moving in their territory.

That car is more brilliant than half of Uhuru’s cabinet, it is even more intelligent than half of all permanent secretaries combined.

If anything that car is clever than Kiunjuri today, tomorrow and the next 10,000 days to come.

That V8 can drive to hell and survive Satan’s fire….and come back with occupants safe and sound. Baaaaaaba yawa Baaaaaaaaaaaba wachni THEKO.

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