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Bees disrupt Jubilee rally in Taita-Taveta

Jubilee leaders blame dark forces after bees disrupt Jubilee rally in Taita Taveta

People run for cover after bees attack the Jubilee rally

A Jubilee rally held Wednesday, October 4, in Taita Taveta county was disrupted when a swam of bees descended on the leaders and supporters as they drummed up support for President Uhuru Kenyatta’s re-election. The rally was attended by Taveta MP Naomi Shaban and Woman Representative Lydia Haika who were whisked into their cars by security when the bees unleashed their anger on the Jubilee leaders and their supporters.

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Five people were seriously injured after the bees attacked the Jubilee rally in Wudanyi, disrupting services.

The five men who were stung by the bees were treated at the Moi referral hospital Voi.

Taita-Taveta County Commissioner, Josephine Onunga, confirmed the bee attack and said that the injured were responding well to treatment.

“Very many of us were stung but only five (cases) were serious but they have been treated and are stable,” said County Commissioner.

Motorists and pedestrians were also not spared by the hostile insects with many unable to escape their stinging wrath.

The Jubilee leaders condemned the bees saying it was Raila at work, with one of them offering prayers to keep the devil at bay. They claimed Raila is using witchcraft to send bees to act on Jubilee supporters.

The incident comes weeks after Jubilee protesters, journalists and police officers camped outside the Supreme Court were stung by a swam of bees that appeared from nowhere. The incident happened when the court was delivering its full judgement on the annulment of President Uhuru’s win in the August 8 election.

Juma Baraka, a venom response officer, tells people to be wary when numerous bees start bumping into you.

“If bees start bumping into you repeatedly, that’s a prelude to an attack,” he said. “You somehow threatened them.”

But as you’re running, Juma said to keep any airways like your mouth and nose covered with a shirt or anything else due to bees being attracted to the carbon dioxide released through the respiration of humans and pets.

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“For anything over 100 stings on an adult, you need to go to hospital. [The stings] can cause kidney problems,” Juma said. “Anything from 5 to 10 stings per pound of body weight can be fatal.”

Actions that people should avoid during an attack include swatting at bees, which just makes the bees more angry, and jumping into water. He says the bees will sometimes just wait for you to surface.

Spraying a person being attacked with a hose likely won’t help either and also make the bees more upset. One exception is when rescuers spray with a soapy water which can kill the bees.

After the attack, it’s important to get the stingers out, Juma said. The longer the stinger stays in the skin, the more venom is released. But don’t just pluck the stingers out with your fingers, Juma says. Use a credit card or butter knife to avoid breaking the stinger in the body.

He urges people to be aware of their surroundings to avoid getting stung in the first place and if a hive is spotted in areas where people live, contact a pest control professional.


Be wary if you hear buzzing around possible nesting sites including buckets, cans, trees, boxes, electric meters and water meter boxes. If attacked, run with your shirt over your head to protect your face. Find shelter in a car or building. Do not jump into water; the bees may hover until you come up. Do not stand still and swat at the bees. Rapid movements will cause them to sting.

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