Khalwale Makes U-turn On Raila’s Swearing-in

Miguna Miguna Accuse Khalwale Of eating Ugali At State House

Khalwale Makes U-turn On Raila's Swearing-in

Ex-Kakamega Senator Bonny Khalwale has conspicuously dropped his push for inauguration of Raila Odinga, instead called for dialogue from both sides.

A charged NASA coalition insists that the swearing-in shall go on as planned despite internal dissent from a section if members.

To get rid of electoral injustices, we must swear in Raila first. This is the only way the will of people shall be respected.

Said Kakamega Senator Cleophas Malala.

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Also opposed to the swearing-in are Dan Amenyo and Wiper Deputy leader Farah Maalim who wants a moderate approach.

And Khalwale, who has been pushing for Raila’s inauguration, has however joined modrate forces within the coalition. Miguna Miguna accuse Khalwale of eating Ugali at State House.

My position is that dialogue is better than swearing-in. Remember Jubilee has not ruled out dialogue.

He told local media.

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With calls to cancel the January 30th event, NASA secretariat has vowed to move on with the plans regardless of the outcome.

We Will Swear-in Raila Odinga Whether He Likes It Or Not – Miguna Miguna

Former Nairobi Gubernatorial candidate Miguna Miguna has revealed that National Resistance Movement(NRM) will swear-in Raila Odinga, come what may.

The controversial Kenyan lawyer turned politician held that no one,including Raila Odinga himself can stop the swearing-in.

Speaking in an interview with NTV’s Debarl Ainea, Miguna Miguna said NRM will carry out the swearing in on Tuesday, January 30 2017.

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Miguna Miguna held that Raila will be sworn-in despite whatever challenges that may arise, before and during the process.

I am head of operations in NRM, and I will tell you as a fact, that there will be a swearing-in, whether Manyora calls it whatever he wants to call it, whether Jakoyo talks about dialogue, whether our friends are laughing. We will swear Raila in on January 30th, even Raila has no option.

Miguna revealed.

I am telling you on National TV that Raila Amollo Odinga has no option, he will be sworn in whether he likes it or not. We are going to swear Raila in. Raila is going to be the people’s president not by his choice, but because I have server results of August 8.

He added.

Miguna’s remarks came barely days after Raila Odinga insisted that his swearing-in is on course, just as planned.

The opposition leader expressed optimism that 2018 will bring the desired democratic changes he has been pushing for, holding that he will be sworn in as the People’s President end of January 2018.


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